Shiptify: creator of the 1st Transport Management Platform (TMP)

Shiptify : TMP transport management platform

Digital 64 is proud to welcome a new client in the B2B SaaS sector. It is Shiptify, creator of the first Transport Management Platform.

Who is Shiptify?

Based in Nantes, Shiptify has been providing companies withsupply chain digitalizationsolutions since 2016.

Their ambition is to build the supply chains of tomorrow: digital, responsible and connected supply chains.

Shiptify logo : TMS (transport management system)

Supporting companies with the transport management platform (TMP).

Shiptify supports companies in the digitalization of their supply chain with a digital, intuitive and collaborative platform for managing transport flows, whether by road, sea, air or rail.

Shiptify offers 3 solutions to supply chain actors: 

Increase productivity with the Transport Management Platform.

The advantages of this transport management platform are, first of all, better visibility and traceability of all the company's transport flows in order to gain in reactivity to unforeseen events and improve the quality of service.

Secondly, it allows considerable productivity gains thanks to the automation of standard tasks and the elimination of e-mail exchanges.

Finally, the platform improves collaboration between the various players in the supply chain by centralizing data on a common platform and sharing information in real time.

Shiptify solutions : TMS and TMP
Shiptify : warehouse appointment management tool with TMP

From transport planning to invoicing control, from dock scheduling to spot purchasing management, Shiptify gives companies the means to manage their transport flows more efficiently and to significantly reduce their costs for a more efficient supply chain, sustainably.

The Shiptify platform ergonomics have been designed to guarantee the best user experience and a quick learning curve for all employees and partners. All this, without any long and costly IT development thanks to a plug & play technology that can be implemented quickly and without any set up costs, thus guaranteeing a quick ROI.

Shiptify: digitizing their supply chain with the TMP transport management platform visualisation

Accelerate business growth with digital marketing 

The objective for Digital 64 is to help Shiptify generate as many leads as possible (up to the signing of contracts) with a mix ofInbound Marketing and Growth Hacking and to accompany the company's growth.

Digital 64 is involved in all aspects of digital marketing for Shiptify:

  • improve digital measurement and performance
  • increase qualified traffic by launching advertising campaigns and optimizing natural referencing
  • optimize the conversion on the website and the blog
  • create and optimize e-mail marketing with intelligent nurturing sequences
Adrien de Lamazière from Digital 64 is the expert consultant dedicated to this mission for a unique and personalized approach, close to the Shiptify teams.


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