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Engage your visitors and be seen as a reference in your field with quality content.

1- Research and strategy

Keyword research and SEO strategy form the basis of an optimised content marketing strategy. We provide strategic advice to increase your visibility.

2- Content writing

Building on the keyword strategy, our content writing and SEO writing services allow you to extend your SEO strategy to powerful content that converts.

3- Flexible content services

Just need some keywords? We can do that. Want strategic notes for your editors? We do that too.


Content creates conversations, and conversations create customers.

Julien Diemer - Digital project manager at digital 64

  1. 1
    Full site content audit
    Our comprehensive content audit provides quality visibility into all of your site's content while highlighting specific opportunities to improve page rankings, eliminate underperforming content, or identify strategic gaps in your content strategy.
  2. 2
    Competitive Analysis
    Our competitive analysis evaluates the overall market, your competitors, and the appearance of the search landscape in your vertical. Because even though you may already be ranking for your most important keywords, other companies are constantly vying for your position.
  3. 3
    SEO optimized content

    Our team can develop SEO optimized content for your main pages, product pages or blog. We can handle any level of content you need - carefully researched and vetted so you can rely on it to drive traffic.

Some Examples

Shiptify - Blog post

  • Relevant and rigorous content
  • Those who are looking for this subject will potentially be interested in their services.
  • Several conversion opportunities.

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The Nova Group blog

  • Content based on the communication of their events, partners, and other topics associated with this field.
  • Each of these articles positions them as an expert in IT solutions.
  • Each article is an opportunity to integrate the right keywords and be found for more searches.

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The Nova Group content partner page

  • Engaging and effective content
  • Keyword integration
  • Several CTAs - "call to action

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Retail VR content product page

  • A clear text that speaks the language of their target
  • The phrases and keywords are integrated as naturally as possible.

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Quality content to convince

Content creation requires too many resources to be wasted.

Our top priority is to create content specifically for your high converting pages, driving traffic directly to the conversion gateway and shortening the path from search to purchase.

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Our priority is to improve the content of companies in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

We also give free advice to all entrepreneurs in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques via our guide and via our free webmarketing training courses.