The Digital 64 team

The Digital 64 agency is made up of digital experts all based in the South West of France.
Our experts will help you to be visible and effective on the web.

Digital 64 Team
Adrien de Lamazière

Adrien de Lamazière (Ciboure)

CEO - Expert in Digital Acquisition Strategies

Experience : Adrien is an expert in webmarketing and more particularly in Traffic Acquisition and Lead Generation. After 13 years and hundreds of campaigns for small and medium-sized companies in their growth phase, he decided to create Digital 64, the South-West Web Agency, specialized in Inbound and Growth Marketing.

Special feature Height: 2.03 metres - Adrien is a real specialist in "growth".

Favorite quote:
"Don't try to be a man of success, but rather a man of value" - Albert Einstein

Marie Mesure

Marie Mesure (Pau)

Digital Project Manager

Experience: Marie is an expert in web marketing, especially in website creation and lead generation. After 10 years in Paris in large groups, she moved to Pau where she created Edmond Voyage, a luggage storage service before joining Adrien and Digital64. 

Special feature Travelled to 27 countries at the age of 33 and hopes to do many more.

Favorite Quote:
"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" - Joseph Goldstein

Julien Diemer

Julien Diemer (Anglet)

Digital Project Manager

Experience : From Los Angeles to La Rochelle, Paris, Nice and finally Anglet, Julien is a Franco-American who has worked with hundreds of real estate agents in the US and France to help them make their online presence more profitable before joining Digital64. Julien specialises in SEO, website design and optimisation, and knows how to position your business to the most relevant targets on Google and social networks.

Distinguishing feature Interests: His interests are similar to those of a pensioner; walks in the forest with his dog, reading, and drinking whisky and cigars. He also has a large collection of pipes and has been playing classical piano since the age of 4. 

Favorite quote:
"Freedom begins where ignorance ends." Victor Hugo

Florian Mopin

Florian Maupin (Seignosse)

Web Developer

Experience : After several entrepreneurial experiences and positions of responsibility, Florian decided to turn to the accompaniment of projects that are close to his heart.
He is specialized in the creation of websites (Wordpress, Nodejs, Javascript), and will be delighted to accompany you in your digital communication.

Distinguishing feature Spends as much time working as playing sports

Favorite quote:
"The best way to get started is to stop talking and start acting. " - Walt Disney

Jean-Baptiste Maury

Jean-Baptiste Maury (Ustaritz)

Directeur Artistique

Experience : 

Graphiste depuis 2003, Jean-Baptiste a occupé plusieurs postes de directeur artistique dans diverses entreprises et secteurs avant de devenir indépendant en 2015. Cette expérience lui a permis d'acquérir une solide expertise dans les problématiques de croissance d'entreprises. Spécialiste de l'identité de marque et de la communication visuelle, il aide les professionnels à optimiser leur visibilité pour dynamiser leur croissance.

Signe particulier :  

Titulaire d'un bac Scientifique avant d'intégrer les Beaux-Arts, il est un artiste cartésien.

Citation préférée :
"Quoi que tu fasses, fais-le bien !" - Walt Disney

Laure Degheselle

Laure Degheselle (Périgueux)

Web and print designer

Experience : Laure has been a web and print designer for 15 years, and has worked in various structures, from large companies to start-ups and freelancers. She is first and foremost passionate about user experience in general, and strives to have a critical eye on what surrounds her and to find solutions with a view to clarity and simplicity; for her "Less is more... work".

Special feature I spend most of my free time cooking with an obsession for healthy and beneficial food. 

Favourite quote:
"Learn the rules like a professional so you can break them like an artist" Pablo Picasso

Justine Richard

Justine Richard (Ciboure)

Community Manager

Experience : 

Justine is a community manager and content creator in the Basque Country. After having been a project manager in communication agencies, she started her own business to develop the visibility of companies.

Special feature Always smiling and positive

Favourite quote:
"At birth, we are given a spark of madness. You're nothing if you lose it." - Robin Williams

Blanche de Saint Olive (Biarritz)

Digital Project Manager

Experience : 

After a training in Digital Marketing within the Finoli group, I made the choice to join an entrepreneurial adventure some time before setting up my own business. I had the opportunity to work for different types of market in BtoC including organic cosmetics, sports nutrition, decoration and chocolate for example. This year I specialized in the creation of e-commerce websites on Shopify but I'm also a Swiss Army knife on several digital notions, including community management, CRM, affiliate marketing and web design.

Signe particulier vous pourrez peut être croiser ma sœur jumelle, elles se ressemblent comme deux gouttes d’eau.

Favorite quote:
"Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

guiral lapouge

Guiral Lapouge (Bayonne)

Digital project manager

Experience : 

After a Bachelor's degree in webmarketing at Epitech Digital in Paris, I took a no-code and growth hacking course in Bayonne. Recently, I was able to join a webmarketing Master's program at Pigier, also in Bayonne. This year, I've had the opportunity to work freelance with several clients with B2B or B2C projects on customer prospecting, SEO and website creation.

Signe particulier il adore mon chat, le sport, la lecture et son cher Pays basque.

Favorite quote:
"You should always aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you'll land in the stars." - Oscar Wilde

aurelie leclercq

Aurélie Leclercq (Capbreton)


Expérience :

Avec plusieurs années d'expérience en tant que responsable marketing, Aurélie a su transformer sa passion pour la vidéo en véritable vocation professionnelle. Son parcours en marketing, combiné à sa créativité, lui confère une perspective unique sur chaque projet. Faire de sa passion pour la vidéo son métier, c'est le choix qui anime Aurélie et la motive à créer des contenus visuels à la fois impactants et mémorables.

Signe particulier : a été finaliste du "Best Jobs in The World " en Australie en 2013, parmi plus de 600 000 candidats à travers le monde.

Citation préférée :
« L'important, ce n'est pas la destination, mais le voyage en lui-même. » - Robert Louis Stevenson

Leo Rattez

Léo Rattez (Biarritz)


Experience :His passion for images leads Leo to capture moments of life and emotions around the world where he develops a technical and artistic approach nourished by poetry, sensitivity and imagination.

Today, it is with intuition and rigour that Léo puts his skills and knowledge at the disposal of Digital 64.

Special feature If Leo is not filming you, he is on a board somewhere in the waves.

Favorite quote:
"Photography is truth and cinema is twenty-four times the truth per second..." - Jean-Luc Godard

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Digital 64 Team

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