Inbound marketing agency and growth hacking: what objectives?

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Digital 64 offers inbound marketing expertise to companies that want to grow their business effectively, but don't necessarily have the resources to hire an entire marketing team.

Coupled with growth hacking, inbound marketing is the best way for small businesses to develop their turnover in the long term without having the budget of large companies.

These techniques make it possible to be more effective in attracting increasingly wary and demanding customers.

So what is inbound marketing and growth hacking?

Inbound marketing: presentation.

Since the last 20 years and the arrival of the Internet, marketing has evolved a lot. We have moved from traditional mass marketing to very precise and behavioural marketing, also helped by new technologies.

The goal is no longer to represent the company and push all the messages out, but to meet the unique needs of the customers.

We have gone from a few communication channels (television, radio, press) to an explosion of contact points (mobile, social networks, forums, etc.).

Inbound marketing then gradually appeared to attract prospects through the creation and distribution of quality content.

You should no longer interrupt prospects, but become what interests them.

You need to get them interested in the content you create, not your expertise, and not just the product and ads you run, whether in B2B or B2C marketing

magazine example inbound marketing

Of course, that doesn't mean you should stop using ads. Ads should serve your inbound marketing strategy.

With inbound marketing, the objective is to be present at the different moments of research and decision of the buyer. Through your messages and content, delivered at the right time, you will have a positive impact on your prospect's buying process.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is outbound marketing, where you will find traditional media (TV, press, radio, posters), e-mailing campaigns, telemarketing and SMS.

Outbound is not dead, quite the contrary. It is however a good complement to inbound marketing when it is well used, especially in certain sectors.

The inbound marketing method is based on 4 main steps:


Objective: to turn a stranger into a visitor
Means: Website, blog, search engines, social networks


Objective: transform a visitor into a prospect
Means: landing pages, forms, popups


Objective: to transform a visitor into a prospect
Means: videos, e-mail, CRM tool, lead scoring

Build loyalty

Objective: transform a customer into an ambassador
Means: sponsorship, events, personal relations

I am deliberately simplifying here, but behind each step, we use many different tools and methods. We will have the opportunity to come back to this.

An inbound marketing strategy takes a little more time. You have to define your targets (personas), create content, and analyze the data to optimize. But the results are much more effective. Conversion rates increase and so do average shopping carts.

Vous allez cependant besoin de vous équiper dans quelques outils vous permettant de bien suivre le parcours de vos prospects et clients dans chacune des étapes : CRM, marketing automation, et différents outils de conversion.

Once your strategy is in place, you can overlay growth hacking (or growth marketing) techniques on top of it, which are very complementary.

This video is in English but it develops perfectly the concept of inbound marketing.

Growth hacking : presentation

Growth hacking is the set of techniques tooptimize the growth of the company on both marketing and commercial aspects.

Thus, the objective is to optimize each phase of the customer life cycle by automating certain steps, using certain agile methods or by diverting certain marketing levers. We sometimes use "hacks" to accelerate this growth with a limited budget, hence the name "growth hacking".

Simply put, growth hacking is a mix of marketing, data, creativity, human psychology and computer science.

It will be particularly useful for small businesses, as these techniques allow them to speed up certain processes and grow with a limited investment.

inbound telephone research

Even if growth hacking can be borderline legal on some points, it can be turned very positively if it is coupled with a relevant inbound marketing strategy.

I will have the opportunity to show you different types of growth hacking examples, but maybe we can start with two concrete and quick examples of inbound marketing and growth hacking.

Two examples of inbound marketing and growth hacking

Inbound marketing and growth marketing can be used in many cases. However, they can be very different in terms of the tools used.

The methods are the same, but the strategy and means used must be adapted to yourneeds: your target, your geographical area, your budget and your objectives.

Let's take two completely different quick examples to illustrate my point.

Real estate agency

Traditionally, real estate agencies work a lot by word of mouth, TV advertising, press and of course by their real estate agents.

For many years, real estate agencies have lagged behind in digital aspects. 

Today, the objective of real estate agencies is both :

  • build a strong brand and reputation that allows you to attract prospects to them when they have a real estate project
  • to be visible in the right places on the Internet when others are searching for real estate for example.

Theinbound marketing strategyapplied to real estate agencies consists of :

  • To create a quality Internet both functionally and graphically
  • Create quality articles to highlight your expertise on a type of property or a geographical area
  • Animate your social networks
  • Create local events to be identified as the "real estate facilitator
  • Create well-targeted digital ads

In terms of growth hacking, several avenues can be explored to identify what would save you time in your business cycle.

Here is a possible concrete example:

  • What if the agency found a way to get the contact information of everyone who wants to move?
  • What if the agency found a way to get an alert whenever people were chatting in a forum about the best neighborhoods in the city where it is located?

Here we see that data is very important. Continuously and automatically identifying interesting prospects would allow the agency to activate its inbound (and outbound) marketing strategies more easily.

Consulting firm

Traditionally, consulting firms relied heavily on word of mouth, an army of sales people and a few partnerships.

Consulting companies may be in different sectors (logistics, real estate, retail, industry, health) and of different sizes, their problem is the same. Show that you are best placed to help your prospects.

Today, the objective of consulting companies is to :

  • show your expertise on the subjects you cover so that prospects identify you as the one who can help you when the time comes
  • to be visible in the right places when companies are looking for advice in your field

You will have to create a lot of written and video content to demonstrate your experience and expertise: articles, white papers, guides, customer testimonials, case studies. And then there are the various small events: breakfast or afterwork for example. We'll come back to this later.

You'll need a website, a good CRM and a marketing automation tool to keep track of your prospects and send them quality emails to convince them that you are the expert in this field.

Example of a growth hack for consulting companies

Here again, you need to think on a case-by-case basis about what would give you the most impact on your business cycle. Here are some examples:

  • What if you had a way toautomatically identify the contact information of managers at a company you're interested in and getthem to call you?
  • What if you had a way to create quality content automatically at the end of each project?
  • What if you had a way to create a breakfast-type event every month with more than 30 high-quality leads each time?

What is interesting about growh hacking is that even if some "classic" techniques exist, you have to analyze your needs, your customers and your way of working to identify the best ways to optimize each process.

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