Mr. Suricate | A no-code automated testing solution

Mr. Meerkat | A no-code automated testing solution 4

The Digital 64 team is proud to present a new client: Mr Suricate, a SaaS solution for automated testing that detects bugs on websites, mobile apps and APIs by reproducing user paths.

Mr. Meerkat | A no-code automated testing solution 5

Presentation of Mr Suricate 

Mr Suricate is a Nantes-based company that aims to protect the customer's brand image and increase their revenue by ensuring smooth and bug-free customer journeys.

Their SaaS solution detects bugs before and after a software release by covering a wide range of automated tests in order to offer the best possible user experience.

A "No-code" tool = Automated tests open to all

The codeless editor Mr Suricate is the result of 5 years of R&D within their IT laboratory. This editor is used daily in-house by the team of automation specialists all based in Nantes.

Even people who have little or no experience with coding, scripting, or script execution can perform their functional, design, API, datalayer, SEO, and performance testing from scratch.

Mr Meerkat
 This not only frees up time for developers working on other projects, but companies don't have to expand their workforce and look for expensive talent.
In less than two weeks, any member of a QA team could be operational and use the Mr Suricate tool, which facilitates access to tests and ensures that the business takes the lead in a sector still too accustomed to IT.

Spot bugs on websites or mobile applications faster

Sometimes, a single bug can paralyze an entire website or mobile application, with disastrous consequences for the company's image, reputation and credibility, but also considerable financial losses.

Mr Suricate's automated tests allow you to perform more tests, more frequently, and therefore to spot bugs faster in order to correct them more quickly, even before your users realize it.

An intuitive, collaborative and customizable platform

Mr. Meerkat makes complex projects easier with its clear and ultra-customizable dashboards for quick overviews and complete supervision of application production.

The scenario viewer allows project managers to see the exact steps of a failed automated test scenario to pass on to a developer. There is no code to read.

To quickly redo your automated test case without having to redo everything manually, there is a gallery of screenshots in the results of your case to visually check its different steps.

Mr Meerkat profiles

IT : Mr Suricate brings his expert advices and uses a SaaS solution to accompany IT profiles in the implementation of their tests, and an accelerated Move to Prod.

Business : For those who wish to identify bugs on their customer journey, but have no technical knowledge, Mr Suricate guides business profiles from A to Z via a no-code SaaS platform.

QA : In order to simplify the daily life and to have a global view on all the tests in the blink of an eye, the solution detects, reports and qualifies the bugs in real time.

Future partner : Mr Suricate proposes a reseller offer or an internalization of their solution for future partners who wish to take advantage of Mr Suricate's solution/services to better meet their customers' web testing needs.

B2B SaaS marketing - How does Digital 64 accompany Mr Meerkat ?

Digital 64 assists Mr. Meerkat in the design and implementation of a global marketing strategy in order to gain visibility and convert more businesses looking to improve the omnichannel user experience, reduce production costs, and protect their brand image.

Some methods that are part of the strategy proposed by the Digital 64 team:

Website optimization: a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive website increases user engagement and answers questions about their solutions and inspires them to contact Mr Meerkat to schedule demos.

An SEO strategy makes the website easier to find on search engines, which helps establish initial contact with potential customers and builds trust.

Paid advertising on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn allows us to target relevant audiences and show them Mr Meerkat solutions in an attractive and creative way.

Content Marketing/Articles:
Blog articles about issues in the field of web testing position Mr Suricate as a resource and an authority in its field. Once published on the site, these articles are strategically distributed on social networks or by e-mail to stimulate conversation and generate leads.


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