Sofia Vera | Ready-to-wear handmade luxury fabrics 100% natural fibers.

Sofia Vera | Ready-to-wear handmade luxury fabrics 100% natural fibers. 4

The Digital 64 team is proud to introduce a new client: Sofia Vera, a luxury ready-to-wear brand specializing in the creation of women's wardrobe pieces from natural and eco-friendly fabrics. 

Presentation of Sofia Vera 

Founder Sophie Redhon discovered Lotus silk fabric and was immediately struck by the beauty, feel and uniqueness of this rare and exquisite textile, made entirely from the stem of the Lotus flower. It is 100% natural and made by skilled master craftsmen without any polluting substances or machinery.
Sofia Vera | Ready-to-wear handmade luxury fabrics 100% natural fibers. 5
Her designs are designed to bring to life her admiration for timeless chic, catering to the sophisticated woman through flattering feminine collections, all made from rare and luxurious natural fabrics.

The natural fabrics used by Sofia Vera

Lotus silk

Lotus Silk is a luxury vegan silk made entirely from the stems of the Lotus Flower aquatic plant.

Lotus Silk offers many benefits: 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Antiodour
  • Anti-transpiration (requiring fewer washes)
    One of the most durable fabrics in the world

Mulberry silk

Mulberry Silk is a 100% natural protein fiber fabric that has existed for over 4000 years as a luxury fabric, originally reserved for the wardrobes of the most distinguished members of the imperial family.

The aspects that distinguish this prestigious material: 

  • Known for its beautiful sparkling appearance due to the prism-like structures of the silk fiber that refract light at different angles.
  • Thermoregulatory characteristics
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains vital amino acids that repair your skin and condition your hair (it contains moisturizing sericin protein).
    One of the strongest natural fibers

GOTS certified organic cotton

The Organic Cotton comes from GOTS certified suppliers who guarantee numerous social and environmental standards such as proper wastewater management and optimal working conditions for the workers.

The dyes used are either 100% natural, depending on the season and the availability of natural products used to make the dyes.

Responsible manufacturing from A-Z

Each garment is made to order

Sofia Vera clothing is not mass produced. Each garment is made to order, which means that no garment is made in excess, and they take special care when making a piece.

The brand ensures that they only have enough inventory to never waste fabric. 

Traceability to the wire

There is rigorous traceability to know the exact environmental impact and to ensure support for fair social practices.

All garments are ethically made according to principles guaranteed by Fair Trade certification, ensuring that skilled weavers and seamstresses work under ethical conditions.

Healthy dyes

The dyes are certified Dystar 100% Oekotex which guarantees that there are no heavy metals and other substances harmful to health.

Digital Marketing E-Commerce - How does Digital 64 support Sofia Vera?

Digital 64 assists Sofia Vera in the design and implementation of a global marketing strategy in order to gain visibility among women who appreciate beautiful, sustainable things as well as environmentally responsible production practices. 

Some methods that are part of the strategy proposed by the Digital 64 team:

SEO: An SEO strategy makes the website easier to find on search engines, which helps to establish a first contact with potential customers and creates trust.

Advertising: Paid advertising on Google and Facebook allows to target relevant audiences and show them Sofia Vera's clothes in an attractive and creative way.

Social networks: Feeding social networks with content that corresponds to the aesthetics and values of the brand is fundamental for an e-commerce fashion brand. These high quality publications published on a regular basis not only aim to please the algorithms, but also encourage the target users to be interested and follow the brand's universe and discover its creations.


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