300% increase in visits from 6 million to 55 million 

Menlook - E-commerce website for men

Launch and optimization of digital campaigns

  • SEA and SEO
  • Affiliate marketing, display and performance-based e-mailing
  • Price comparison

Management of an annual budget of more than 400 000 €. 

  • 6 Countries France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK and USA
  • A team of 7 people on the Acquisition
David Nedzela

David Nedzela

Former Marketing Director of Menlook

"Adrien helped us to improve the management of all digital campaigns in all countries. He managed all the digital levers: SEO, SEA, price comparison, display...
He also has good technical skills which allowed us to optimize all data and analytics issues.

Mixing performance campaigns and brand development

In e-commerce, it is necessary to control to the nearest euro

Campaigns are managed on an almost daily basis with very advanced management and monitoring tools.
Each point of conversion rate on a product or a page can earn thousands of euros.

Brand development

To develop brand awareness and conversion rates, we have carried out numerous digital branding campaigns such as the TV & Social campaign that we have massively relayed on the Internet. (see video below)

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