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Sweet Show Team

The Digital 64 team is proud to present Sweet Show, a SaaS company that has created solutions to digitalise your entire sales approach.

Presentation of Sweet Show

The solutions offered by Sweet Show enable you to increase the performance of your sales activity by adapting your sales arguments to the specific interests of each prospect. 

With Sweet Show, you are equipped to standardise your tailor-made business processes to better resonate with your potential customers!

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Ensure control of the sales pitch

All commercial, product and R&D information is necessary for successful prospecting. Sweet Show allows you to centralize this information while protecting sensitive information that cannot be shared.

Sweet Show not only makes it easy to reuse compliant business documents, but also to customise presentations according to the circumstances (your trade shows, new product launches) to ensure relevant content for each situation.

Prioritise your most interested leads

Sweet Show allows you to analyse the details of the consultation path of your offers to understand the topics of interest and prioritise your prospect follow-ups according to the level of interest.

Sweet Show notifies you in real time who is viewing your documents, and their level of engagement with each of your topics . It's very impressive!

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Understand your prospects better, follow up effectively

It's impossible to guess what each prospect wants to hear. With Sweet Show, you can better understand your potential customer base by discovering the path your prospects take to view your offers, and visualise their reach to reveal the decision makers hidden in the cycle . Finally, real account mapping!

With the perfect pretext, recontact the right people, at the right time, with the right topics.

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Sweet Show use cases

Marketing : Promote all content produced by the marketing to ensure that your pitch is perfectly aligned throughout the entire sales cycle, from the conception of the offer to the final marketing.

With Sweet Show, facilitate collaboration between marketing and sales teams thanks to an always up-to-date content base.

Exhibitions and events: Present your relevant content, then record and contextualise all new leads from your trade shows. As soon as they are entered, quickly associate each new contact with the offers that apply to them.

No internet connection at the trade fair venue? Thanks to Sweet Show's Offline mode, you can stay calm throughout the event.

Prospecting: Save hours each week by optimising your prospecting and follow-up throughout the sales cycle.

How does Digital 64 support Sweet Show?

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Anne Bluteau - CEO of Sweet Show

"Working with Digital 64 was an obvious choice! I've had the opportunity to work with many agencies, and Adrien's approach to both operational and Data Driven decisions, and structuring priorities is a strong differentiator!"

Digital 64 assists Sweet Show in the design and implementation of a global marketing strategy with the aim of gaining visibility and converting more companies looking to improve the customer journey by modernising the use of marketing information. 

Some of the methods that were part of the strategy carried out by the the team Digital 64 :

SEO & Website Optimisation: An SEO strategy and website optimisation increases user engagement by creating a site that is intuitive, useful and easier to find on search engines.

Advertising: Paid advertising on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn allows us to target relevant audiences and show them Sweet Show solutions in an attractive and creative way.

Content creation:
Content creation consists of creating articles on the Sweet Show blog around digital marketing and business improvement. This content positions Sweet Show as a resource and authority in its field by their potential customers, and by Google!

Structuring and implementing tools: The right tools are essential for a successful marketing strategy. Pipedrive, Autopilot, and Wisepops are examples of tools that will help you get organised, automate processes, and convert more leads.

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