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Retail VR

The Digital 64 team is proud to support Retail VR in their digital acquisition strategy and in the optimisation of the customer experience via their website.
A new B2B SaaS client in a very promising market, that of virtual reality

The history of Retail VR

3 retail players got together in April 2018 to create Retail VR in the Lille region: Erwan Krotoff, Stéphane Dupasquier and Adrien Zanelli.

Focus on the 3 founders:

Retail VR erwan-krotoffi

Erwan Krotoff founded several companies (Youphoto, Kalista solutions) before starting to create Retail VR.


Stéphane Dupasquierhas been working in the virtual and augmented reality sector for over 11 years.

Retail VR adrien zanelli

After 12 years at Orange Business, Adrien Zanelli joins the Retail VR advantage.

The current structure of e-commerce does not allow brands and retailers to offer a sufficiently immersive and personalised customer experience. By providing innovative and powerful shopping experiences, we help them meet the needs of their consumers. We also offer relevant and effective tools to improve the internal processes of brands and retailers. 

The founders


Today the company has 7 employees and is based in Nantes.


What services does Retail VR offer?

 Retail VR offers several virtual and augmented reality solutions dedicated to the retail sector:

Virtual Showroom: virtual twin shops of your physical shops

Virtual showrooms allow your customers to walk through your shop from home, to unroll a rack, to watch videos of fashion shows and also to ask for advice from a salesperson in video.

In these times of health crisis, offering a virtual showroom can be useful and reassuring for customers.

Instore activation: the creation of a 3D shop to simulate your trade marketing and merchandising actions in shop

The Instore Activation solution allows you to have at your disposal your 3D shop as well as all your modelled tools: POP displays, boxes, shelving units, etc.
This means that you can visualise with your customer, from your telephone, what your next merchandising action or your new shelf layout will look like.

Retail staging: your 3D shop to import your merchandising plans, test your layouts

Thanks to the scan of your shop in a few hours, you can visualise your shop in 3D and test your new shelf layout or new POS with the Retail Stagingsolution.

Virtual e-commerce: a virtual shop to offer an immersive experience to your customers 

Offer your customers an immersive experience by offering them your virtual shop. You will be able to collect information on the behaviour of your customers in order to propose personalised paths with our v-commercesolution.

Retail VR in practice, how to implement their solutions?

Many players have already placed their trust in Retail VR: nespresso, lactalis, nestlé, but, kenzo, each sector can optimise its sales with Retail VR solutions.

 Here are the steps to use the Retail VR services: 

  1. You can request a free demo
  2. A meeting is then held to understand your needs and to make an appointment for the showroom / shop scan
  3. The shop is then captured and integrated within 24 hours on the Retail VR platform
  4. Retail VR customises the showroom or shop to your image, with your data, objects, etc.
  5. Retail VR delivers the definitive virtual tour. Depending on the solution you choose, you can either add your merchandising products live, give your customers a tour of your virtual showroom, test your layouts

How does Digital 64 support Retail VR?

Digital 64's mission is to help Retail VR to make itself known to its target group and to transform the Internet users who come to their website as well as possible.

2 objectives:

- Generate leads  

- Optimise the commercial management of these leads to sign contracts. 

To this end, the Digital 64 agency is supporting Retail VR on :

- the implementation of a digital acquisition strategy

- CRM transfer and the implementation of an optimised and reliable tracking system

- implementation of nurturing campaigns

- improving their visibility on the web via digital advertising campaigns

- optimising the conversion of their website

- optimization of natural referencing 

Adrien de Lamazière from Digital 64, accompanied by Marie Mesure, is the expert consultant dedicated to this mission for a unique and personalised approach, as close as possible to the Retail VR teams.

Would you like to have more information and see what can be done for your company?
Contact us and let us carry out an audit of your situation to detail the possible actions. 


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