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JUMP software
The Digital 64 team is proud to present a new customer : JUMP Technologya provider of innovative cloud solutions for asset management companies.

Presentation of JUMP

JUMP Technology
Since 2006, JUMP has been developing and marketing a complete and modular platform for asset management professionals. 

This platform is recognized worldwide by numerous players of all sizes (management companies, insurers, mutual insurance companies, private banks, family offices, custodians, etc.) for its innovative nature and level of performance.
For a particularly technical and complex field, JUMP offers a pleasantly intuitive "no-code" solution that accompanies asset managers for each regulatory, business or digital issue.

A modular and multi-channel digital platform

JUMP offers a web and cloud-based solution that facilitates the digitalization of the Asset Management industry and increases the user experience by freeing them from IT constraints. 

This tool responds to the specificities of each of the activities (collective management, discretionary management, insurance management, alternative management) within a single solution from the Front to the Back-Office while including integrated reporting.  

Asset managers can customize the software according to their needs thanks to its modularity and its parameterized approach.

More automation = less risk

Manual processes carry risks in asset management, and the JUMP solution reduces operational risk by automating and streamlining business processes with real-time data sharing between front, middle and back office teams.

Better meet the requirements of today's investors

A flexible and scalable rules engine ensures compliance with client risk-taking and allocation requirements. Customized reporting within the platform helps managers deliver a high level of client service.

Turning data into a competitive advantage

Good asset management decisions are data-driven, and JUMP software ensures continuous improvement of data quality (reliability, consistency, uniqueness) through automated controls, validation workflows and monitoring dashboards.

B2B SaaS Marketing - How does Digital 64 support JUMP?

Digital 64 accompanies JUMP in the design and implementation of a global marketing strategy in order to gain visibility and convert more asset management business (leads and signed contracts).

Some methods that are part of the strategy proposed by the Digital 64 team:

New website: An aesthetically pleasing and intuitive website increases engagement with educational content that answers questions about their solutions and inspires them to contact JUMP to schedule demos.

An SEO strategy makes the website easier to find on search engines, which helps make initial contact with potential customers and builds trust.

LinkedIn Ads
: Paid advertising on LinkedIn allows you to target qualified audiences and show them JUMP solutions in an attractive and creative way.

Content Marketing/Articles:
Blog posts around asset management issues position JUMP as a resource and authority in its field. Once published on the site, these articles are strategically distributed on social networks to drive conversation (and conversion). 


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