AnCodea | Managing your Quality procedures

AnCodea | Managing your Quality procedures 4

The Digital 64 team is proud to present ChangeforSaaS , a company that created the collaborative SaaS software AnCodea that facilitates the design and maintenance of operational and decision-making quality tools.

AnCodea logo

Presentation of AnCodea

AnCodea's solutions enable companies operating in several sectors (Tourism, Medical and Social Services, Industry, Consulting...) to better manage and animate their Quality processes. 

Founded in 2021 by Joëlle Burgau and Franck Destephen, AnCodea is already used by more than 2,000 professionals every day for better operational and strategic decision making.

AnCodea | Managing your Quality procedures 5

A custom-made quality platform

AnCodea software centralizes your tools, data and stakeholders. It is up to you to create and develop your tools independently so that your users benefit from continuous support.

If you do not wish to use your own repositories, AnCodea provides you with collaborative and secure tools ready to use in their digital packages.

Do not depend on a provider

Easily design your questionnaires, action plans and analysis reports on your own or with a team. Thanks to AnCodea, you are in control of all your tools and data!

Get the most out of your data

Once the data is collected, AnCodea's Business Intelligence tools take care of processing, consolidating and retrieving it.

This technology allows you to analyze your data in real time and compare it to current or past dates to make the right decisions at the right time.

AnCodea business solutions

Labels: Whether you manage one or several Labels, AnCodea is the simple and intuitive collaborative solution for facilitators, Label candidates, auditors and committed people.

Networking: AnCodea creates a permanent link between headquarters, teams and partners. With a secure environment and a unique sharing space, you will make your field visits less frequent and more efficient.

Tourism: Develop the collaborative approach and sharing to carry out your actions of accompaniment on the steps of progress. Take advantage of a collection of ready-to-use and customizable tourism reference tools.

Consultants : The "AnCodea Expert" business solution offers many development opportunities to consultants through its innovative approach to consulting.

How does Digital 64 support AnCodea?

Digital 64 supports AnCodea in the design and implementation of a global marketing strategy in order to gain visibility and convert more businesses (leads and signed contracts).

Some methods that are part of the strategy proposed by the Digital 64 team:

SEO & Website Optimization SEO Strategy & Website Optimization: An SEO strategy and website optimization increases user engagement by creating a site that is intuitive, useful and easier to find on search engines.

Advertising: Paid advertising on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn allows us to target relevant audiences and show them AnCodea solutions in an attractive and creative way.

Content creation: Content creation consists in creating articles on AnCodea's blog about quality management. This content positions AnCodea as a resource and an authority in its field by their potential customers, and by Google!

Structuring and implementation of tools: The right tools are essential for a successful marketing strategy. AnCodea already had a CRM and an e-mailing tool on which we had to connect.


Contact us to discuss together what we can achieve for your company. 

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