3000+ leads, 1000+ MQLs, and 300+ QSOs 

Toucan Toco - SaaS Data Visualization Software

Marketing Management, Tools and Analytics

  • Implementation of Growth Marketing tools (Analytics, Marketing Automation, data connectors...)
  • Regular A/B testing on the website and marketing campaigns
  • Budget & Analytics Management

Optimizing B2B Inbound Marketing

  • Operational management of Paid and SEO campaigns in more than 5 countries (France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and USA)
  • Website and blog management and conversion rate optimization
Toucan toco website marketing
Florent Verney - Toucan toco

Florent Verney

Marketing Director of Toucan Toco

"Adrien worked with us for three years. He has worked on many subjects: lead acquisition via Paid, SEO, affiliation but also conversion rate optimization, website or social networks. B2B digital marketing has no more secrets for him. 

Launch a B2B acquisition program on an average basket of more than thousands of euros  

B2B SaaS and a complex buying cycle

With Toucan Toco, the challenge was the sales cycle. With an average shopping basket of several thousand euros, we had to coordinate very closely with the sales teams to provide them with the best possible leads, which were transformed into MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and then into QSOs (Qualified Sales Opportunities)

The problem?

The analytics aspect was therefore important. We had to optimize our data and our tools so that the follow-up was optimal in the CRM.
There were a lot of contact points and we needed highly optimized retargeting campaigns to send the right message at the right time.

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